24th Dec2013

Force of Execution has just been released

by stevenseagal

Dear Seagal Fans

Stevens latest movie release Force of Execution has just been released.

Anchor Bay’s “Force of Execution” was written by Richard Beattie and Michael Black and directed by Keoni Waxman in 2013.

Steven co-stars along with , Ving Rhames, Bren Foster and Danny Trejo.

Steven Seagal plays a mobster named Mr. Alexander who runs most of the city. Roman Hurst (Bren Foster) his right hand man, is sent into a prison to execute a snitch. The hit goes wrong and Mr. Alexander has Roman’s hands broken and makes Roman leave his lifestyle of crime and the action continues into a superb action packed film.

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Force of Execution Blu-ray/DVD will be released worldwide so order your copy now at all the usual outlets.