11th Aug2018

Steven Seagal Aikido News!!

by paulmgreen

Steven Seagal Aikido News!!

We are very happy to announce that registration is fully open for the International Budo Festival.

This superb event takes place in Moscow, Russia on October the 12-14, 2018

Steven will be joined on this two day action packed event by Samuel KWOK, Grandmaster Wing Chun

There will be many activities including invited Martial Arts Masters and Martial Arts Style Schools.

To participate you have to be a black belt practitioner in any martial art or an advanced practitioner in martial arts with no belt system and register at https://event.aiki.ru/

Full Visa support is provided by the official Budo Festival hotel.

For more information please contact Russian Aikido Federetion on raf@aiki.ru or +7 (985) 764-95-64

This is going to be an amazing event.

Love and Peace

Team Seagal


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