11th Apr2016

Official Message from Steven Seagal

by stevenseagal
To all my fans,
I was humbled and overwhelmed with the tremendous outpouring of love and support from all my fans for this birthday.
I’m immeasurably grateful.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Steven Seagal
Elle and Steven 2016 new
PS – I agree, Gstone was right. Jean Claude Van Damme would fuck me up, nyukka.
10th Apr2016

Happy Birthday Steven Seagal!!!!

by stevenseagal


Official Birthday surprise message from Stevens wife

Dear husband of mine,

On this special day of YOUR’S

Wishing you an Immense Joy, Endless Happiness, Infinite Wisdom, Unlimited Power,  Eternal Love and Luminous Magnificence!

Happy Birthday!   I love you!

Elle and Steven 2016