24th Sep2018

Stevens New Film Attrition on 365flix.com

by paulmgreen

Dear Fans

Steven Seagal’s new film “Attrition” is out now exclusively released on www.365flix.com

Steven says

“Attrition is my best film in 20 years…I am also honoured to introduce the new 365Flix Digital Theatre Video on Demand streaming platform.”

#365Flix is the first ever online streaming platform connecting fans to the stars of their favourite film.

Register now to buy or rent the Worldwide Premiere of Attrition with Steven Seagal through the link below:

Want to know more? Follow them on:
Facebook – www.facebook.com/365flix
Instagram – www.instagram.com/365flix
Twitter – www.twitter.com/365flix

11th Aug2018

Steven Seagal Aikido News!!

by paulmgreen

Steven Seagal Aikido News!!

We are very happy to announce that registration is fully open for the International Budo Festival.

This superb event takes place in Moscow, Russia on October the 12-14, 2018

Steven will be joined on this two day action packed event by Samuel KWOK, Grandmaster Wing Chun

There will be many activities including invited Martial Arts Masters and Martial Arts Style Schools.

To participate you have to be a black belt practitioner in any martial art or an advanced practitioner in martial arts with no belt system and register at https://event.aiki.ru/

Full Visa support is provided by the official Budo Festival hotel.

For more information please contact Russian Aikido Federetion on raf@aiki.ru or +7 (985) 764-95-64

This is going to be an amazing event.

Love and Peace

Team Seagal

05th Aug2018

Russian and American Humanitarian ties

by paulmgreen

My Dear Friends

Today I am deeply humbled and honoured to have been appointed as a special representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry in charge of Russian and American Humanitarian ties.

I have worked for many years trying to help good relations between Russia and America.

I hope we can strive for peace, harmony and positive results in the world.

I take this honour very seriously indeed and I once again thank you for your friendship, strength and support.

Many blessings

Steven Seagal

11th Apr2016

Official Message from Steven Seagal

by stevenseagal
To all my fans,
I was humbled and overwhelmed with the tremendous outpouring of love and support from all my fans for this birthday.
I’m immeasurably grateful.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Steven Seagal
Elle and Steven 2016 new
10th Apr2016

Happy Birthday Steven Seagal!!!!

by stevenseagal


Official Birthday surprise message from Stevens wife

Dear husband of mine,

On this special day of YOUR’S

Wishing you an Immense Joy, Endless Happiness, Infinite Wisdom, Unlimited Power,  Eternal Love and Luminous Magnificence!

Happy Birthday!   I love you!

Elle and Steven 2016





30th Mar2016

Code of Honor

by stevenseagal
Official Message from Team Seagal
Dear Seagal Fans
Here is Stevens exciting new Film Trailer for Code of Honor.
Love and Peace
Team Seagal
Facebook CoverPhoto
19th Feb2016

by stevenseagal

From Steven Seagal and Team Seagal

Your chance to grab a Limited edition Collectors Tee from Steven Seagal.

Steven says;

Guns are protected by the SECOND amendment.

This shirt is protected by the FIRST.

I designed this OFFICIAL tee just for my fans.

It’s only available for two weeks at Represent.com/Seagal



07th Feb2016

Team Seagal Introduces Jorina Baars World Champion

by stevenseagal

Team Seagal is BACK with an Official message.

Dear Worldwide Seagal fans

We want to introduce one of our good friends Jorina Baars who is a brilliantly talented  40 – 0  undefeated Muay Thai Welterweight World Kickboxing Champion from Den Helder, in the Netherlands.

Here is Jorina in action in here latest showreel


Follow and show support to Jorina on her Facebook and Official Website



Love and Peace

Team Seagal

Jorina Baars

Jorina Baars

01st Jul2015

by stevenseagal

Dear Worldwide Seagal Fans

Steven features in an exclusive article in the July edition of the excellent “Raked” magazine a Motorbikes and lifestyle publication.

With a “most excellent” front cover that Team Seagal have done extensive “research on”

Check it out on the links below.

Website:   http://rakedmagazine.com/july-s-featured-story.html

Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/rakedmag

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/rakedmagazine

Love and Peace

Team Seagal



15th May2015

Watch Absolution in theaters, On Demand TODAY!!

by stevenseagal

He’s coming to get you today!  Watch Absolution in theaters, On Demand, or on [iTunes] Now: http://bit.ly/ABSiVODs

Absolution 10