21st Feb2015

Project Triage Charity

by stevenseagal

A message from Team Seagal

Steven would like to show his support for Project Triage

A charity dedicated to helping  save Law Enforcement Officers lives by giving them “Triage Packs” that in the event of a Knife or Gunshot wound could help stop the loss of vital blood on the scene until medical assistance arrives.

Please visit http://projecttriage.org/ to learn more.

Love and Peace

Team Seagal

Steven and Project Triage



18th Feb2015

“fake” Facebook page

by stevenseagal

Urgent message from Team Seagal

It has come to our attention that a “fake” Facebook page relating to Animal Cruelty has been uploaded unofficially in Steven’s name.

The offending Facebook page or any others like it are NOT official or Authorized in anyway by Steven Seagal and we all find it saddening  that individuals will try to trick Steven’s honest and decent worldwide fans in this way.

Also Steven will NOT be making any public appearances or signings as reported on the unauthorized page.

The page has been reported and please remember that the ONLY official outlets for
Steven Seagal are

1. This “official” Facebook page
2. Steven’s official website
3. Steven’s official Twitter

Thank you as ever for your understanding

Love and Peace

Team Seagal

11th Feb2015

New Movie – Code of Honor

by stevenseagal

Dear Worldwide Seagal Fans

Team Seagal is back with some very exciting news.

Steven will be staring in a new action movie to be filmed in Utah, USA hopefully starting in 3-4 weeks time with a working title of “Code of Honor”

Code of Honor Plotline – A former Colonel in the Special Forces returns home from the Middle East and becomes a vigilante, murdering criminals and the corrupt, while one of his fellow soldiers is intent on stopping him.

The film is being directed by Michael Winnick and Produced by Ryan Noto and Elias Axume for Premier Entertainment, and is a great movie you can watch at home, with the top choices for corner tv mount so you can install your TV for this purpose.

It’s a great start to the year for Seagal fans with more exciting news coming soon.

Love and Peace

Team Seagal

Code of Honour