13th Aug2014

Official Press Statement from Steven Seagal

by stevenseagal

Official Press Statement from Steven Seagal

I am  once again deeply saddened by the poor quality of some global journalism when inaccurately reporting on my concert in Sevastopol over the weekend.

There was no glorification of war or political motives during the concert which had been booked for many months beforehand.

Also it was incorrectly stated that I had broken US State Dept sanctions by traveling to Sebastopol but at present there are no prohibitions for Americans to travel to Sebastopol.

It was also reported that there were Radical flags placed on the stage whilst I was performing this is simply not true and we have photos & film proving this is inaccurate.

I was handed a T-shirt and I raised it up as a gesture of goodwill.

I am an actor and a musician and we were there for the love of Blues music and nothing else.

I want to thank the organizers and all those decent kind peaceful people who attended and enjoyed both the music and the event.

Sadly we live in a world where any form of innocence can be twisted for sensational headlines and maybe dark political motives?.

However I feel both my loyal worldwide fans and other free thinking people know this was just a good old fashioned blues concert.

Love and peace to you all

Steven Seagal