04th Jul2012

Steven meets the “Superfan” winners

by stevenseagal

Dear Fans

Once again courtesy of our friends over at the REELZ Channel;

Earlier this season, Reelz ran a sweepstakes looking for the Ultimate True Justice Superfan.

Many won the daily and weekly prizes, but only one fan was lucky enough to win the grand prize — a visit to the set of True Justice in Vancouver and a meet and greet with star Steven Seagal.

Winner Barbara Ann Crowley and a guest recently returned from their trip to Vancouver to visit the True Justice set where the show is busy wrapping up the shoot for season two.

Here is just a bit of what Barbara had to say about the experience:

“Meeting Steven Seagal on the set of True Justice was an absolute dream come true.

From the gift basket that was waiting in the hotel room from Steven himself, to the staff of Reelz Network and True Justice taking such good care of me and my guest, Julie Olwick, the experience was so positive and amazing.

Steven Seagal is very down to earth, kind, and caring.

He and his entire cast and crew, … made sure that Julie and I had any/everything we needed during our visit…Steven even saw to it that one of his staff bring Julie and I coats after the temperature where True Justice was being shot for the day in Vancouver dropped significantly in a short time.

After he shot his final fight scene, he came over and bowed to us as a Sensei would to his students.

At the end of the day, we were brought to his trailer to say goodbye, and Steven, before I could even thank HIM for the experience…thanked Julie and I for coming.

He was so gracious and accommodating, it was truly an honor to be in the company of a man with such a presence.

I cannot thank the Reelz Network enough for this opportunity, thank you so much.”

well done Barbara, that’s a great story and we hope you enjoyed it.

Team Seagal