21st Nov2013

Steven Seagal visits the Bucharest, Romanian Dog Charity “Dogtown”

by stevenseagal

From Team Seagal

As you might now be aware Steven Seagal visited the Bucharest, Romanian Dog Charity “DogTown” on Sunday the 17th of November 2013 to highlight the recent tragic events and to show support to both the family involved and the plight of stray Dogs in Bucharest.

Whilst there, Steven was shown around the excellent modern facility where he not only donated many months’ worth of dog food but also adopted a 7-month-old black puppy in the long distance adoption program, which costs 60 lei ($18) a month. The dog will remain at the shelter.

 Team Seagal has conducted a short but exclusive interview with Steven about his visit to Dog Town which will be posted on Facebook, and here our official site website within  the next week.

 For more information and support of Dog Town please visit their official website http://www.dogtown.ro