25th Apr2012

Steven Seagal with Knesek Guns, Inc

by stevenseagal

Dear Fans

We wanted to let you know the exciting news that Steven is helping with military and law enforcement research and development projects in conjunction with Knesek Guns, Inc (who also are celebrating its 10th year in business this April 2012).

The Company based in Arkansas has grown to be one of the prime suppliers for military and law enforcement type weaponry worldwide.

More recently, a new company was formed with Steven to develop new, cutting edge equipment from THOR’s R&D facility as well as new partnerships with various manufacturers.

Steven  Seagal’s long history within special operations, law enforcement as well as development of highly effective training programs has given him an opportunity to produce many excellent designs to suit the needs of today’s military and law enforcement personnel, as well as the self-defence conscious citizen seeking high quality products.

Thank you

Team Seagal