27th Jan2012

Steven and Movie Guns

by stevenseagal

There was an interesting recent article mentioning Steven on the excellent Business Insider website in an article on “Movie Prop Guns” used on Film and Television productions in NYC.

Owned by actor Rick Washburn The Specialists Ltd in NYC supply “movie guns” to visiting NYC productions, when asked to talk about actors using “movie guns” owner and actor  Rick Washburn said that, “Steven Seagal, is definitely the best male actor,” Washburn continued, “he could shoot competitively if he chose to.”

Thank you Rick I am sure Steven’s fans would have to agree with you on that.

Read more click here: http://www.businessinsider.com

27th Jan2012

Maximum Conviction

by stevenseagal

We will have more exclusive news and information on Steven’s forthcoming movie co-starring  “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in the coming weeks, in the meantime;

The excellent Hollywood website Deadline Hollywood has reported that;

Anchor Bay Acquires Steven Seagal Pic Maximum Conviction By THE DEADLINE TEAM

Anchor Bay Films has landed U.S. and Canadian theatrical and home entertainment rights to Maximum Conviction, an action pic starring Steven Seagal and Steve Austin.

The deal for the movie — directed by Keoni Waxman and produced by Seagal, Austin and Phillip Goldfine — was done with Voltage Pictures, which is repping international rights.

In the film, Seagal and Austin work for a private security firm charged with decommissioning an old prison.

They all but complete the task until two mysterious female prisoners arrive, followed by elite mercenaries who are hunting them down.

Benjamin Sacks, Scott Kennedy and Waxman executive produced with co-exec producer Binh Dang.