The Path Beyond Thought (Documentary)




This documentary shows footage taken from Seagal Sensei’s days in Japan at the Tenshin Dojo in Osaka, plus Stevens early days in America.

We can see Steven demonstrating and teaching plus featuring many interviews with Steven and former students.

The Documentary did have a VHS tape release and so far has only been available “Officially” on DVD as a bonus disc in the “Deluxe Lawman Season 1 Boxed set”.

Directed by Binh Dang
Written – Diana Benjamin
Producers  – Binh Dang and Scott Hall
Executive Producers – Phillip B. Goldfine & Steven Seagal


Steven Seagal … Himself / Narrator
Binh Dang …  Himself
Larry Reynosa … Himself
Craig Dunn …  Himself
Fumiyasu Daikyu … Himself



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