Urban Warfare


February 2012


As part of the True Justice Series, Steven Seagal is  Elijah Kane utilising his military experience in undercover espionage, reconnaissance and anti-terrorism, is head of the city’s toughest crime fighters; The Special Investigations Unit.

Serial killers, diamond smugglers, warring gangs and a group of deadly assassins out for revenge are all in a day’s work for Kane and his crew.

When chaos hits the streets its Kane’s job to investigate and terminate.



Steven Seagal … Elijah Kane
William ‘Big Sleeps’ Stewart … Andre Mason
Alex Mallari Jr. … Hiro
Sarah Lind … Sarah
J. Anthony Pena … TINY
Meghan Ory … Juliet
Warren Christie … Radner
Adrian Hough … Sheriff Graves
Kyle Cassie … Brad Gates
Elizabeth Thai … Jordan Sparks


Keoni Waxman

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