Urban Justice aka Renegade Justice


November 2007


When a good cop gets blown away in a drive-by shooting, the police department writes it off as a random act of violence. Big mistake.

That young cop has a father who happens to be a street fighting, nerves of steel avenger, who has been trained by the special forces and is hell bent on one thing: Justice.

To find his son’s killer Simon Ballister (Steven Seagal) moves into the worst part of town where his welcome party turns out to be two gang members whom he sends home bleeding.

Ballister isn’t easily deterred, and he” stop at nothing to find his son’s killer. But, these gangs have more men, more firepower, more police protection and the fearless and dangerous recklessness of youth – all of which Ballister plans to use against them.


Steven Seagal  …  Simon Ballister
Eddie Griffin  …  Armand Tucker
Carmen Serano  …  Alice Park
Cory Hart  …  Max Ballister
Liezl Carstens  …  Linda
Kirk B.R. Woller  …  Det. Frank Shaw
Mary Evans  …  Irene
Al Staggs  …  Priest
Jade Yorker  …  Gary Morrison
Jermaine Washington  …  Rasheed
Brian Lucero  …  Benny
Danny Trejo  …  El Chivo
Diego Joaquin Lopez  …  Winston (as Diego Lopez)
Grady McCardell  …  Dwight Morris
Brett Brock  …  Watch Sergeant


Don E. Fauntleroy


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