Mercenary for Justice


April 2006


Soldier of fortune John Seeger (Steven Seagal) is the best in the business: the business of kicking ‘A’!!!

When you’re a mercenary, there’s always going to be casualties, but no job is too treacherous for Seeger, who’s blackmailed into orchestrating an impossible prison break, leading a team of heavily-armed soldiers on a deadly mission to South Africa to rescue the son of a billionaire arms dealer.

When Seeger finds out he’s been double-crossed, it’s payback time, and now there’s going to be hell to pay!


Steven Seagal  …  John Seeger
Jacqueline Lord  …  Maxine Barnol
Roger Guenveur Smith  …  Anthony Chapel
Luke Goss  …  John Dresham
Michael Kenneth Williams  …  Samuel Kay
Adrian Galley  …  Bulldog
Langley Kirkwood  …  Kruger (as Langley Jack Kirkwood)
Vivian Bieldt  …  Dekerk
Verity Price  …  Female Assistant
Bruce Young  …  Chief of Police Malik
Peter Butler  …  Ahmet Dasan
Farouk Valley-Omar  …  Elder Butler (as Fahruq Valley-Omar)
Tumi Mogoje  …  Eddie Jones
Faye Peters  …  Shondra Jones
Zaa Nkweta  …  Radio Jones (as Zaa Nikweta)


Don E. FauntLeRoy


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