Out for a Kill


August 2003


Archaeologist Robert Burns (Steven Seagal) has unearthed some priceless artifacts in eastern China. When he discovers that the Chinese mafia–the Tong–are using them as containers to smuggle drugs overseas, Burns is marked for death.

The Tong frame him for the murder of his assistant and he is thrown in a Chinese prison–but when he is released and used as bait in a joint effort by the Chinese and American governments to attract the Tong, Burns has his chance at vengeance.


Steven Seagal  …  Prof. Robert Burns
Michelle Goh  …  Tommie Ling
Corey Johnson  …  Ed Grey
Tom Wu  …  Li Bo
Ozzie Yue  …  Fang Lee, ‘The Barber’
Bruce Wang  …  Tang Zhili, ‘The Bird’
Chike Chan  …  Mr. Chang
Hon Ping Tang  …  Sai Lo
Dave Wong  …  Yin Quinshi
Chooi Kheng-Beh  …  Wong Dai (as Chooi Kheng Beh)
Elaine Tan  …  Luo Yi
Michael J. Reynolds  …  Dean
Kata Dobó  …  Maya Burns (as Kata Dobo)
Vincent Wong  …  Luo Dazhong
Ray Charleson  …  Harry ‘Crash’ Kupper


Michael Oblowitz


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