My Giant (cameo)


April 1998


Steven plays a cameo in this excellent film, (see below), a down-on-his-luck movie agent (Billy Crystal) goes to a movie site in Romania to be with his only client, his former paperboy.

But once he gets there, the kid tells him he is getting a big time agent and that he is fired. Despondent, the agent roams the countryside until he loses control of his car and overturns into a pond where he seemingly is going to drown until a pair of gigantic hands pulls him free of the car.

Later he awakens in a monastery and discovers that a 7-1/2′ man (NBA player Gheorge Muresan) rescued him. Money dances in front of the agent as he figures ways to get him back to America and into the movies.

The giant is only interested in getting to Gallup to see his childhood girl friend. First the agent gets him a small role in the Romanian-filmed movie which earns his plane fare.

Then he takes him to Las Vegas where he convinces Steven Seagal (in a cameo as himself) to include the giant in a new action film.


Billy Crystal Sammy Kamin
Gheorghe Muresan Maximus Zamfirescu
Kathleen Quinlan Serena Kamin
Joanna Pacuła Liliana Rotaru
Zane Carney Nick Kamin
Steven Seagal (As himself)
Dan Castellaneta Partlow


Michael Lehmann


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