Executive Decision


March 1996


Terrorists take over a 747 bound from Athens to Washington D.C., supposedly to effect the release of their leader.

Intelligence expert David Grant suspects another reason and convinces the military that the ‘plane should not be allowed to enter U.S. airspace.

An assault mission is devised, led by Steven Seagal  as Colonel Austin Travis who board the jet by travisusing in a specially equipped ‘plane designed for mid-air crew transfers, and Grant finds himself aboard the 747 with a team of military anti-terrorists who have to defuse a bomb and overpower the terrorists.


Kurt Russell  Dr. David Grant
Steven Seagal  Lt. Colonel Austin Travis
Halle Berry  Jean, Flight Attendant
John Leguizamo Rat
Oliver Platt  Dennis Cahill
Joe Morton  Sergeant ‘Cappy’ Matheny
BD Wong  Sergeant Louie
Len Cariou  Secretary of Defense Charles White
Whip Hubley  Sergeant Baker
Andreas Katsulas  El Sayed Jaffa
Mary Ellen Trainor  Allison, Flight Attendant
Marla Maples  Nancy, Flight Attendant
J.T. Walsh  Senator Mavros
Ingo Neuhaus  Doc
William James Jones  Catman .


Stuart Baird


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