Out for Justice


April 1991


Brooklyn cop Gino Felino is about to go outside and play catch with his son Tony when he receives a phone call alerting him that his best friend Bobby Lupo has been shot dead in broad daylight on 18th Avenue in front of his wife Laurie Lupo and his two kids by drug kingpin Richie Madano, who has been Gino and Bobby’s enemy since childhood.

As Gino is hunting Madano down, Gino discovers the motive behind Bobby’s murder. This is when Gino’s hunt for Madano leads to the showdown of a lifetime.


Steven Seagal  …  Det. Gino Felino
William Forsythe  …  Richie Madano
Jerry Orbach  …  Capt. Ronnie Donziger
Jo Champa  …  Vicky Felino
Shareen Mitchell  …  Laurie Lupo
Sal Richards  …  Frankie
Gina Gershon  …  Patti Madano
Jay Acovone  …  Bobby Arms
Nick Corello  …  Joey Dogs (as Nicky Corello)
Robert LaSardo  …  Bochi (as Robert Lasardo)
John Toles-Bey  …  King
Joe Spataro  …  Det. Bobby Lupo
Ron Brumbelow  …  Cop
Jack Cipolla  …  Cop
Chic Daniel  …  Cop (as Charles Daniel)


John Fynn


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