Above the Law aka Nico


April, 1988


Nico Toscani is a martial arts expert who was recruited by the CIA when he was in Japan, he would be sent to Vietnam. While there he witness the sadistic treatment of prisoners by Zagon, an interrogator, when he clashes with him, Nelson Fox, his friend tells him to get away.

Nico goes home to Chicago and becomes a cop. 15 years later, when he busts a drug dealer, he tells Nico of a major deal going down, when he busts them, he discovers a cache of plastic explosives. And before he knows it everyone he arrested is released and when Nico tries to find out what’s going on, a brick wall thrown in front of him.

But Nico isn’t about to let that stop him. And before long Fox calls Nico to warn him to back off and it’s not long after that he is arrested and suspended from the force. And when a bomb is set at his church, which kills the parish priest, Nico wages an all-out war on whoever’s doing this



Steven Seagal as Det. Sgt. Nico Toscani
Sharon Stone as Sara Toscani
Pam Grier as Det. Delores “Jacks” Jackson
Henry Silva as Kurt Zagon
Ron Dean as Det. Lukich
Daniel Faraldo as Tony Salvano
Miguel Nino as Chi Chi Ramon
Nicholas Kusenko as FBI Agent Neeley
Joe Greco as Father Joseph Gennaro (as Joe V. Greco)
Chelcie Ross as Nelson Fox
Michael Rooker as Man in Bar
Dale Payne as Man in Bar
Joe D. Lauck as Senator Ernest Harrison
Henry Godinez as Father Tomasino


Andrew Davis


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