Flight of Fury


February 2007


John Sands is a special agent working for an underground division of the U.S. Air Force.

When his own agency begins to feel threatened by the knowledge he’s gained from past missions, they decide to imprison him an wipe his memory clean, leading John to escape from a high-tech detention center.

But they quickly catch up with him and offer him a deal he can’t refuse: return a stolen top-secret stealth bomber into U.S. airspace and Sands will regain his freedom. Fail, and the bomber will fall into the hands of deadly terrorists hellbent on loading it with biological warheads.


Steven Seagal  …  John Sands
Steve Toussaint  …  Ratcher
Angus MacInnes  …  General Tom Barnes
Mark Bazeley  …  Captain Richard Jannick
Ciera Payton  …  Jessica
Alki David  …  Rojar
Tim Woodward  …  Admiral Frank Pendleton
Vincenzo Nicoli  …  Peter Stone
Katie Jones  …  Eliana Reed
Gary Cooper  …  Commander Bud Jackson
Bart Sidles  …  Captain ‘Fox’ Hinkle (as Barton Sidles)
Cristina Teodorescu  …  Pendleton’s Operational Soldier Lisa
Rares George Panfil  …  Williams
Noah Lee Margetts  …  Eliana’s Soldier
Karen David  …  Barnes’s Operational Soldier Flanders


Michael Keusch


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