11th Apr2016
Elle and Steven 2016 new

Official Message from Steven Seagal

To all my fans, I was humbled and overwhelmed with the tremendous outpouring of love and support from all my fans for this birthday. I’m immeasurably grateful....

10th Apr2016
Elle and Steven 2016

Happy Birthday Steven Seagal!!!!

  Official Birthday surprise message from Stevens wife Dear husband of mine, On this special day of YOUR’S Wishing you an Immense Joy, Endless Happiness, Infinite Wisdom,...

30th Mar2016
Facebook CoverPhoto

Code of Honor

Official Message from Team Seagal Dear Seagal Fans Here is Stevens exciting new Film Trailer for Code of Honor. http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/lions_gate/codeofhonor/ Love and Peace Team Seagal

19th Feb2016

From Steven Seagal and Team Seagal Your chance to grab a Limited edition Collectors Tee from Steven Seagal. Steven says; Guns are protected by the SECOND amendment....

07th Feb2016
Jorina Baars

Team Seagal Introduces Jorina Baars World Champion

Team Seagal is BACK with an Official message. Dear Worldwide Seagal fans We want to introduce one of our good friends Jorina Baars who is a brilliantly...

01st Jul2015

Dear Worldwide Seagal Fans Steven features in an exclusive article in the July edition of the excellent “Raked” magazine a Motorbikes and lifestyle publication. With a “most...

15th May2015
Absolution 10

Watch Absolution in theaters, On Demand TODAY!!

He’s coming to get you today!  Watch Absolution in theaters, On Demand, or on [iTunes] Now: http://bit.ly/ABSiVODs

15th May2015
Steven Seagal appears briefly with B.B. King at Route 66 Casino

BB King

Dear Worldwide Fans Steven was very shocked and saddened today to hear of the passing of his great friend and mentor BB King, whom he regarded as...

15th May2015
Absolution 9

Who’s ready for Absolution tomorrow?

Who’s ready for Absolution tomorrow?

11th May2015
Absolution 8

See #Absolution in these theaters on May 15th.

See #Absolution in these theaters on May 15th. It’s also On Demand through your cable provider and @iTunesMovies!