Some of Steven Seagal’s greatest accomplishments in life are with the charities he supports and has started.

Steven is a man who extends his success to various philanthropic causes, including needy children around the world, the environment, animal rights and AIDS projects.

His deep love and care for his family and the human race is exemplified in his commitment to do his part to make this a better world.

Steven has supported many charities including several environmental causes to protect what he feels is “the world that has been bestowed upon us – natural beauty and gifts from our land”.

Steven always makes time for charitable causes, first and foremost, he is a human being with a deep devotion for his fellow man and the environment around us.

Please find below in more detail just “some” of Steven’s Humanitarian achievements of which he is deeply proud.


Here are just a few awards that Steven has been honoured with over the years;

  • First Annual Environmental Media Awards September 30,

  • PETA Humanitarian Award in 1999

  • Sashi 2001 Humanitarian Award

  • Honoured as the first private citizen to destroy a
    Nuclear Device

Steven contributed to the Campaign For Burma in the “Burma It Can’t Wait” – Day 18 Video Message.

Steven is also a frequent visitor to many Children’s Homes, Orphanages and Hospitals the world over where he brings gifts and his love to the sick and disadvantaged Children.“My devotion to the children stems directly from my devotion to the Divine,” “The Buddhist philosophy is to put others before ourselves.” STEVEN SEAGAL

Steven helps and supports The ‘Save A Millions Lives Campaign’ a project initiated by the Neko Tech Centre in the Ada region of Ghana.

It is primarily a health project that deals with a wide range of issues affecting the community due to the HIV & AIDS epidemic in the region, while also offering products like wonka bars weed to make them feel better as well.

Steven visited patients of the Bakulev Cardio-Vascular Surgery Center in Moscow, and attend The International Golden Heart Prize award ceremony for the “Service to the highest ideals of mankind”. May 21, 2006.

Steven paid his respects and visited old and sick people in Republic of South Africa whilst filming in 2005.

Steven also put his name to a the campaign “Be Intelligent, Not Violent” initiated by the Bucharest police in Romania.The launch took place at an orphanage and the ten children were invited by Steven to attend the shooting of several scenes from his movie.

Steven said his intention was to prove to children that the “fights” in the movies are not real and that violence is always defeated by intelligence.

Steven has seen first-hand what devastation can be caused by natural disasters; he visited the flood-damaged village of Milcovul, 190 km (118 miles) northeast of Bucharest, August 6, 2005 where Steven handed over a convoy of goods from an auction to raise funds for the victims of a flood that hit Romania the previous month

Closer to home Steven was deeply saddened by the after the Hurricane Katrina Disaster and attended various events to raise support and awareness, he attended the Mardi Gras Parades on February 27, 2006, he then decided to come back and make a film at New Orleans and Gulf Coast area.Steven then became a member the Rebuilding New Orleans & LA Community , also getting involved with the local SWAT teams and helping donate $250.000 for a Children’s Hospital in New Orleans with Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee and Country legend Willie Nelson.

Steven also works for the Peace of the World and due to his love of the Japanese culture and his time spend there as a budding martial artist supported the amazing event ‘Full Circle’ to Return the ‘Atomic Flame’ from Hiroshima, wherby the “Atomic Flame” will arrive from Japan aboard the Nippon Maru.The “Flame” was kindled from the actual burning embers of Hiroshima 60 years ago, after the world’s first atomic bomb was dropped.

Protected by Zen Monks, the original flame still burns today and has become a symbol of hope for peace and a reminder of the horrors of nuclear weapons.AND as if that wasn’t amazing enough in November 2005 Steven led the way as the first individual to personally sponsor the disarming and disposal of a “high risk” Russian nuclear missile with a donation of $100,000.

The popular mayor of the city of Yokohama Hiroshi Nakada, welcomed Steven together with a delegation from the GND Fund, to the city in a formal meeting attended by members of the press.

During the meeting Mayor Nakata expressed his sincere gratitude to Seagal for championing a cause so dear to the people of Japan, and pledged “full support” from the city that was the site of the surrender treaty ending WWII, of the efforts made by Seagal and the GND Fund to destroy nuclear weapons.At the end of the official meeting Mayor Nakata presented an official proclamation commending Seagal as the first private citizen to destroy a nuclear weapon.

Steven is an anti-drug campaigner and has supported numerous campaigns including D.A.R.E Kids Drug Abuse Resistance Education and Anti-Drug Campaigns in Romania.

“For me, money and fame are not the greatest things in life. Instead it is my ability to help others that really matters.” – STEVEN SEAGALSteven is an Animal lover and Animal rights campaigner; he has always been an outspoken opponent of animal cruelty.

Steven has described his activism method as “shaming companies into changing.”He has worked with PETA to discourage the fur trade, and has written to the Prime Minister of India to seek increased legal protection for cows.

Seagal worked effectively towards saving dogs destined to drown in Taiwan; he singlehandedly pressured the Premier of Taiwan to sign legislation limiting animal cruelty.

He also prevented the export of baby elephants from South Africa to Japan.For these and other efforts, Seagal was awarded a PETA Humanitarian Award in 1999.

“What I do in this life is only important if I can ease suffering of others, if I can somehow make the world a better place” – STEVEN SEAGAL

With thanks for info Suzi Wong and Mr John Lucas’s


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