Steven Seagal is without doubt a Hollywood Legend and one of the greatest and most iconic film stars to grace the big screen in its entire history.

Gaining a fan base of millions of loyal fans around the world who know Steven for his work as an action film superstar in front of the camera, but some might not realize that he is an accomplished writer, producer, and director as well.

When Steven hit the big screen in 1988 with the release of his first film, “Above The Law”, its immediate success set the stage for a career that now spans over 22 years and nearly 40 x movies plus 2 x major Television series and $2 billion in box office revenues which is something he is deeply proud and thankful of to his loyal fans.

Steven not only stars in his films but he has also written, co-written and produced most of them as well.

James Mason once told Steven that “the secret to becoming a great actor is don’t act, be yourself.” This advice is why we see such a pure and authentic nature to him in his roles from serious scenes to the more light hearted moments.

Please click on each “Film Title” below to see individual information on each film production.

Above the Law (aka Nico) 1988 Hard to Kill 1990 Marked for Death 1990

Out for Justice 1991 Under Siege 1992 On Deadly Ground 1994
Under Siege 2 (Dark Territory) 1995 The Glimmer Man 1996 Executive Decision 1996
Fire Down Below 1997 The Patriot 1998 My Giant (Cameo) 1998
Exit Wounds 2001 Ticker 2001 Half Past Dead 2002
The Foreigner 2003 Belly of the Beast 2003 Out for a Kill 2003
Out of Reach 2004 Clementine (Cameo) 2004 Today You Die 2005
Black Dawn 2005 Submerged 2005 Into the Sun 2005
Mercenary for Justice 2006 Shadow Man 2006 Attack Force 2006
Flight of Fury 2007 Urban Justice
aka Renegade Justice 2007
Pistol Whipped 2008
Kill Switch 2008 The Onion Movie 2008 Against the Dark 2009
The Keeper 2009 A  Dangerous Man 2009 Driven to Kill 2009
Machete 2010 Born to Raise Hell 2010 Deadly Crossing 2010
Street Wars 2011 Dark Vengeance 2011 Lethal Justice 2011
Urban Warfare 2012 Maximum Conviction 2012 Coming Soon

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